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Ellis Entertainment also offers the following media services:

  • Custom Jewel Case and CD Label Design

  • Photo Montage/Slideshow DVDs

  • CD Mastering & Duplication

  • Custom DJ Mixed CDs

  • Analog Audio Conversion to CD

  • Video Editing and DVD authoring

Analog Audio Conversion to CD

If you've ever wanted to revive your treasured record collection, you can now enjoy your favorite LPs again and again without any further degradation caused by analog playback. As a professional DJ, it's only natural that I take great pride in my music. I have many analog recordings that have been reborn through the process of digital conversion. I can do the same for your collection as well.

You'll be impressed with the sound quality, as most of the imperfections are significantly reduced. Other audio that may be converted are: 45 & 78 RPM records, cassette tapes, micro cassettes, 8 track tapes, reel to reel, recorded class lectures, interviews, legal recordings, etc. A custom audio montage from several different audio sources and/or formats is also an option.

Listen to these audio sample sets of before and after excerpts taken from LPs that were recorded and processed for CD burning:

1) LP in average condition:  before after

2) LP in poor condition:  before after

The rates for this service are very reasonable and the turnaround time is 1-3 days on average, depending on the quantity of the job. There is a minimum charge of $15.00. This covers up to the first 30 minutes of total audio play time. A rate of $0.40/minute is applied thereafter. As a reference, the rate to convert 1 standard LP at a total play time of 35 minutes is $17.00 [$15.00 minimum + $2.00 (5 minutes @ $0.40/min)] One burned CD is included. Additional copies are $1.50. Each CD will come in a paper envelope with a clear window. Affixed labeling is not included with this service. The bulk rate of $0.25 per minute (after the $15.00 minimum is met) will apply to quantities of 5 or more LPs. 

Delivery and pickup of the media to be converted is required. Shipping is optional; however, the cost of shipping is not included. Return shipping can be offered for a nominal fee and it would be most cost effective in bulk. Bulk jobs are eligible for a discount as well.

The process of conversion involves several steps and here is a simplified breakdown of how it all works:  First your original analog media is played in real time and recorded onto the pc. [Vinyl records are physically cleaned]. Next the recorded audio is trimmed of the inaudible segments or lead-in/out noise. It's then passed through digital filters to remove imperfections such as pop & crackle or hiss & white noise. Manual detection of unwanted bits or other errors are also removed or corrected. The volume of the recording is boosted to a standard level and the stereo channels are balanced as well. The audio is now ready for CD creation. Track points are marked and the CD is burned. Now you have your analog audio preserved in a convenient CD audio format! Rip it as MP3 into your pc jukebox or transfer to your digital music player and enjoy everywhere you go.

Audio restoration and enhancement of poorly recorded audio or damaged media is possible.  This is specialized and requires additional time. The cost of these jobs will be determined upon listening to the original source. 


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